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The GO > EAST BUSINESS CLUB has been founded September 2018 in Paris, by Michel Soyer and Elisabeth Visoanska, its two founders co-presidents.

It gathers Members and their friends, selected on their personal qualities, their professional functions and titles and their human capacities, in order to promote the cultural and business links between France and the Eastern European countries, Eurasia and particularly Russia, China, Japan and India.

The Club organizes recurrent private events, in Paris and in various cities of Europe and Asia, mainly in form of dinners, meetings, lunches and travels. Through the presence of its Members, it participates in international prestigious events of the same spirit.

Its fields of activity are firstly art, culture, luxury, education, industry and finance.

The outstanding trace of the Club is the uniqueness of venues where its dinners take place, as those are private residences of elite personalities of culture and business spheres in Paris. Just for the time of a dinner, they open the doors of their homes often filled with history and culture, to the members of our Club.

It co-operates on mutual activities with other business clubs of different countries and fields, so as to develop a flow of contacts and a creative synergy.

Present Honorary Members are Elizabeth Royer-Grimblat (Paris) and Her Highness Duchess Rixa von Oldenburg (Hamburg) and its International Ambassador is Jean-François Desjacques (Geneva, Dubaï).

Go East Business Club brings together Members and their friends, selected for their personal qualities, their professional functions and their human capacities, in order to promote the ties of culture and business between France, the countries of the East and Eurasia.

Michel Soyer

Born in Paris, after studying in a business school, worked for 13 years in large advertising agencies, then launched several press relations, promotion and advertising agencies in France and the USA. Celebrating major international events, it launches an international public relations activity.



Our Mission

Elisabeth Visoanska

Born in Poland into a family of humanists, Elisabeth Visoanska trained as a humanist and obtained diplomas in classical piano, music, journalism and Hispanic philology, but her passion for skin care led her to medico-pharmaceutical industry where she worked in Spain and Switzerland. As nothing could exceed her dream of creating her own cosmetic products, she obtained an MBA in International Luxury Brand Management at ESSEC in Paris, where she founded her eponymous brand of high-cosmetics in 2007. Member of the Vendôme Committee, Oscar French industry and numerous international awards, in 2016 it received the prestigious “Outstanding Pole in the World” prize from Teraz Polska. She thus becomes the Ambassador of the rich Polish heritage of cosmetic tradition.



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